talent strategy

We developed business in Asia / Europe / Australia / America / Central and South America, covering meat processing, international trade, aviation manufacturing, coal mining, equity investment and many other industries.

Employee culture
Adhering to the talent concept of "enterprise is employee-oriented, employees see enterprise as home", we consider talents as the fundamental premise of enterprise development and our talent strategy aims at promoting the growth of both enterprises and employees.
  • Employee-oriented

    We have a comprehensive salary and welfare system,a fair and just performance appraisal system, and provides employees with a good promotion channel and career development plan. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective talent mechanism, we create a positive environment for personal growth. Employees are provided a stage and various opportunities that fully apply their talents as well as achieve self -worth.

  • Employees see us as home

    Adhering to the cultural concept of Home, we respect and care employees by organizing annual health checkups and regularly conducting tourism and cultural activities for employees and their family members. We are committed to build a humane working environment for employees,so that employees can trust us as home

Recruitment information
Contact our human resources:
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There is no job demand at present, thank you for your interest. Please pay attention to this page, we will update once we have vacancy.

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