The latest training of the company is coming! Legal knowledge has to be learned!

In order to improve the company's overall risk prevention and control capabilities and safeguard the company's legitimate rights and interests. On January 19th,2024, the holding company invited lawyers Ning Huabo and Hu Ziwei from Guangdong Huashang (Changsha) Law Firm to give a super legal training to all the staff of the holding company, all the staff of its subsidiaries and the employees of Wujiu Group!

The theme of this training is "legal risk prevention and typical case analysis of enterprise sales contracts". Lawyer Hu gave you an in-depth explanation of the key clauses, common risks and relevant preventive measures of sales contracts.

This training has received positive response from colleagues in the company! Everyone got a lot of knowledge updates, but also improved their awareness of legal risk prevention in business negotiations, business negotiations and contract signing in the future.

It is reported that the company's legal department will also organize other training on transaction contracts and enterprise payment.


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